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Please Read Before Booking.

Thank you for inviting Imagination And Beyond Parties to celebrate with you.  We have all been impacted by this pandemic, we want to ensure that we are able to bring life to your event safely as well as staying healthy! 

We have changed our business model and have a new exciting way to do business, "until future notice".

To ensure everyone remains safe there are some  social distancing guidelines added as our new way of doing business:

•Social distancing is ENCOURAGED at all times while staff and Characters are onsite; this includes staff mascots/characters, your family, and guests. 

*****Any Changes To Your Event Must Be Submitted "24" Hours In Advance. *****

***All Services Require A NON REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT of $50.00

*****Payments Can Also Be Made Through PayPal or Cash App "ONLY AFTER" Event Date and Time Has Been Confirmed. ******All Canceled Services is charged the cancellation fee "unless you have a rescheduled Date. No fees are incurred if your event is rescheduled****

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